Panchgavya Body & Soul Cleanser

Panchgavya Body & Soul Cleanser


The five ingredients in panchagavya —milk, ghee, butter, urine, and dung—are all utilized in puja (worship) besides in life crisis ritual and penance.’ The panchagavya is bestowed with properties of cleansing, ritual purification and offerings to deities

Panchagavya is most courteously employed as a ‘body and soul cleanser’, following the birth or demise of a member in the family.

Human body is constituted of pancha tatwas-earth, fire, air, water and akasa. These five are acquired in the form of panchagavyas.

 "Yatwagasthi gatam papam dehey tishtati mamakey prasanat panchagavyasya dahaty agniriv endhanam”-All the malaises in the human body from skin to bones will be devastated through panchagavya just as fuel burns the fire.

Lord Sri Krishna was given bath after applying cow dung on His body immediately after He drank Putana’s millk. Such is the immensity of cowdung. Yanme rogam sokancha tanme dahatu gomayam .

A bath in cowdung diminishes ailments. The prominence of cowdung is tremendous. It is a beauty aid giving glow, driving away stink and bad odor. It purifies the body and bestows it with liveliness. It is also termed as being very holy.

Egyptian queen Cleopatra was amongst the most beautiful woman in the world. As per the literature she used to bathe with milk to enhance her eternal beauty.

The cow is titled jagadekapavani, the purifier of the entire world. Gomayena sada snayat karrashi chapyupaviset (Anusasanika Parva, Mahabharata) . Every a person should have a bath, massaging himself with cowdung.

“Bathing with  cow dung is spiritual and purifying, by which all physical and mental diseases are destroyed.” Hindu saints have advocated cow dung, clay and ash for bath. Besides being beneficial in dealing skin complications, dung soap also aids to keep hairs and skin texture healthy.

Ayurveda designates cow dung as nourishing, gives glow to body, eliminating bad smell, absorber, virya vardhak (increase intelligence), Rasayukta (moisturizer, fatty) and tremendously pure and holy.

Cow dung was used as a modern day soap in olden days as mentioned in ancient texts.

Explanation about cow urine is given in many records: "Aryabhishak" is one such books which describes cows urine. Sri Vapalal bhai vaidya was India’s well-known botanist. In his book "dravya gun shastra" cow urine is referred as killer of faults, germicidal, and destroys itching.  Persian text, "Ajayabulmakhalukat" designates treatment of several incurable illnesses by cow urine.


Therapeutic uses of cow urine · Skin diseases: It is very helpful in many skin problems, itching, eczema, sunburns,  psoriasis, acne etc. (CharakSamhita, 2013). It also has wound curative property (Maheshwari, 2004), Antioxidant and Antimicrobial properties (Edwin Jarald, 2008), As Disinfectant (Mandavgane, 2015). · Antifungal activity of Cow urine (Arunkumar Sathasivam, 2010)


 The antioxidants in ghee have anti-viral properties. The healthy and rich fatty acids originating in ghee nourish hair follicles from within boosting them with hydration, reestablishing the hair’s health. Ghee aids in the removal of dark circles. Ghee bath leaves the skin soft and smooth. It also aids in energizing the dull and lifeless skin. Ghee helps in skin nourishment.

Since ancient times ghee has been an essential part of numerous beauty care rituals. Its vibrant fatty acids perform as a nourishing agent that can do miracles to infuse life in the lifeless skin. Ghee is the only ingredient which is suitable for all skin types and it also has vital fatty acids that help in hydration of the skin cells.

Curd acts as  an antibacterial and antifungal and fights against various skin complications. 

The antioxidants found in curd help in prevent premature wrinkles.  Curd assists in exfoliating the skin in a milder way. Curd can be a natural therapy for people with dark spots. Soaps and other beauty enhancing cosmetics,  all involve chemicals which eventually steal the natural charm of the skin. . There is no other therapy as ultimate as panchgavya. Application of pachagavya on the body makes the skin glow naturally.

Panchagavya has all the basic elements of Soap but it is much more since it has all the 5 ingredients to make it a true Panchagavya Soap. This is one soap which not only cleanses your body but also enriches your skin with the goodness of a “desi” cow. Your skin feels pampered and soft giving a complete new feel to your skin. Being organic in nature it tantalizes your senses making you feel rejuvenated after every shower. Enjoy this Panchagavya Soap as you may have never tried something like this before.   




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