Benefits of Kumkumadi Tailam

Benefits of Kumkumadi Tailam

In Ayurveda, skin is taken into account a manifestation of inner health. Our skin is our largest organ and what we apply thereon is absorbed to a far greater extent than most folks realise. So skincare also can be a tool to balance one’s constitution and achieve healthy and delightful skin. this is often the speculation behind choosing skincare in line with dosha.”

The resilience and glow of a person’s skin is taken into account a mirrored image of their health. the standard of skin is set by a person’s Dosha, or each of three energies believed to circulate within the body and govern physiological activity. The basic premise within Ayurveda is that every people is born with a novel constitution type. The three types are Vata, Pitta and Kapha and every of those is characterised by a collection of internal and external traits. So as for an individual to be healthy and well, they have to balance their individual constitution. it's recommended nourishing all three doshas, instead of simply specializing in one. From the analysis of the Taila, Kashaya, Kalpa and Ksheera used, this formulation appears to possess skin healing and balancing as a primary goal. It doesn't appear to be nourishing or rasyana (anti aging) in its basic nature. It seems to be a product designed to detoxify, cleanse, reduce inflammation and heal wounds and treat skin diseases.


Kumkumadi tailam is certainly good for skin and could be a good skin healing formulation.

As discussed above, the mixture of herbs employed in the Kashaya (ayurvedic decoction), kalpa (wet herb paste) and therefore the choice of dravya (goats milk) together with Tila tailam (sesame oil) makes a really powerful, healing formulation.

Kumkumadi Tailam (Kumkumadi Oil) saturates the natural glowing fairness of the skin. It is used as a moisturizer. it's suitable for all sorts of skin, it's especially more beneficial for dry skin. It increases lustre and prevents dark circles, marks, and uneven skin tone. Usually, it's an efficient ayurvedic remedy used for treating unwanted blemishes, eruptions. It contains herbal ingredients, which are safer. It improves skin complexion and texture. It relieves blemishes, acne, acne scars, white and black heads, dark circle, sun tans, wrinkles. Kumkumadi tailam is best used as a wound healing and repairing ayurvedic skin oil for Pitta and Rakta-Pitta based skin disorders. Kukumadi tailam ingredients include kumkuma, patanga, lodhra, rakhtha chandana, agaru, Ushira, yastimadhu, padmaka, kusta, haridra, laksha, daruharidra, nagakeshara, palashakusuma, priyangu, vatankura, rasna, aja ksheera.The chief ingredients kumkuma and aja ksheera are known for his or her extraordinary skin benefits, a glimpse revealed here.
Saffron has accompanied all civilizations, whether for its culinary role, for its quality of dye or its ancestral virtues rooted in folk medicine.
Saffron could be a very rare Ayurvedic spice, which is really the little stigmas, or stems, from the Crocus sativus, a flower within the liliid monocot family. Saffron is chock-full of antioxidants, including antioxidant, and has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties [Zeinali M, Zirak MR, Rezaee SA, Karimi G, Hosseinzadeh H. Immunoregulatory and anti inflammatory properties of Crocus sativus (saffron) and its main active constituents: a review.Iran J Basic Med Sci. 2019;22(4):334-344. doi:10.22038/ijbms.2019.34365.8158]

The antioxidant activity of Crocus sativus is because of the presence of carotenoids, phenolics and flavonoids. antioxidants have high potential as topical applications within the management of certain skin disorders, hence antioxidants of the many plants are already being incorporated into heterogeneous system to attain desirable cosmetic effects [Skin Depigmentation Activity of crocus Extract Cream]
Since past, saffron is employed for cosmetic purposes, absorbed in infusion or maybe within the cutaneous application, mixed with fat or macerated in donkey milk, for its eternal youthful properties. Cleopatra used it in her beauty products. In traditional Iranian medicine, saffron can improve the complexion and might be accustomed treat erysipelas.

In traditional Greek medicine,

it can refresh the skin of the face and is employed to alleviate the liver of the domination of bile and to treat acne, skin diseases and wounds. additionally, the body may look younger and brighter. In another category, Hindu women used saffron to create the bindi, the yellow dot on the forehead. It is, in a way, a 3rd eye symbolizing success and conscience [Traditional and Modern Uses of Saffron]. The addition of herbal materials are efficacious in goat milk lotion is predicted to shield the skin from adverse environmental effects, and might prevent the presence of wrinkles (aging) yet as enlightening the skin [Goat Milk Lotion Fortified with Curcuma xanthorizha Roxb]Goat milk contains saturated fatty acid that produces the skin health products from goat milk with low pH level because it's alkaline products. It makes the goat milk pH near the pH of human skin similarly as prevent dryness while allowing nutrients to penetrate the skin [Anonymous, 2013]

The essence of kukumadi tailam is poured into Revinto’s Kukumadi tailam soap. Kukumadi tailam soap could be a blend of natural herbs and It helps cleanse your skin and keep a check on skin related problems.




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