Learn the Basics to Proper Skin Care: Face Washing 101

As generations pass and the world rapidly evolves in this technological age, trends are becoming incredibly easy to produce and adopted.  Due to the increase in public awareness on the importance of skin care and with the swift rise of the skin care trend on multiple social media platforms, women and men of this generation—specifically teenagers—will be quick to try it out and get on the road to #healthyandperfectskin. But wait, having a skin care routine is not that easy. There are a lot of points you need to consider before starting your skin care journey. And just like going to the gym, you have to be dedicated on taking care of your skin. So, how should you start your skin care routine? You have to learn the basics of face washing and here are tips that you must remember in doing so:

Water first!

You should always rinse your face first before applying anything. Water serves as the initial cleanser when washing your face. It hydrates your face and also helps rem

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